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How to Trade Futures and Forex with Other Peoples Money (OPM)

Hi World! And welcome to a one of a kind and quite exciting presentation. 

In this discussion Kevin Adamick will discuss how any trader, from anywhere in the world can risk a firms money to trade either futures or forex. 

Think about that! You pass a test in a simulated environment. You prove to the firm you are able to follow written, specific rules (just like we discuss often here at Real Life Trading) and if you can you hit their profit target requirement just twice, you get funded. 

To get SO many of your questions answered, watch the above video! 

If you KNOW this is something for you and you want to trade Futures, click this link and sign up

And if you are more interested in trading Forex, click this link and sign up. 

Enjoy! Grow, progress and let's continue enriching lives together! You rock!

~ Jerremy Alexander Newsome

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