• Jerremy Alexander Newsome

How to Keep the Good Employees

Hi, world! My name is Jerremy Alexander Newsome. I thought about writing this article while I was at the gym just a few minutes ago. Before the gym, I went to the bank, grabbed some lunch, and had my oil changed. All in all I'd spoken with employees of three different companies, and I guess it got me thinking about my wide range of experience as both an employee and an employer.

You may have read other articles of mine, or listened to some of my classes where I mention the three keys to any successful business. To reiterate, they are:

1. Customer Service 2. Employees 3. Budgeting

I am going to focus on the employee section for now. Not too deep, at least not in this write up, but just a good overview or refresher for you, the business owner.

How to keep the best employees

5. Pay them well. I know business owners want to make the most money, especially sole proprietors, since they take the most risk. Trust me, I totally understand. But if you have a singular employee, or even several, who are just simply sensational, pay them more! Listen, I'm sure your company culture is good and the product you create is exceptional, but the majority of people working for you work for you to receive a paycheck. They have a skill and they wa