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How to Day Trade when the market is down HUGE

Hi friends of the Fibonacci! Thank you for visiting the Real Life Trading Website. Guess what this video contains?

An entire day trading session of me day trading! This is a special video because it helps give you the ideas, thoughts, processes, procedures of what to do when the market is down huge. This particular morning the US markets were opening down about 1.6% on average. Pretty much every stock possible was down largely. So, what should we do if and when that occurs? This particular session was me Day Trading Market open on Tuesday November 20th, 2018

You'll get to see my thoughts 30 minutes before market open, what I look for, how I analyzed sentiment and you will also get to see a killer daytrade on KSS and at the VERY tail end, I set up a trade on NVDA which worked for .49R.

Enjoy and thanks for being a Real Life Trader! 

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