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How to Day Trade in Real Life: Part 1

How to Day Trade in Real Life: Part 1

In this incredible and enrich video (which was a recorded webinar) Jerremy Alexander Newsome will take you through, step by step, the initial process of Day Trading.

While you watch this 72 minute program you will learn

What is a gapThe 4 main types of gapsThe 'why' behind a gap and what makes them workWhich candle is most important in a gap3 absolute stock market factsWhere to find the gaps before the occur

If you have any additional questions about gaps, you might truly enjoy this video

Also mentioned in class is a candlestick class covering my Top 6 favorite candle patterns for day trading. Click here for that video

You can find our Candlestick E-Book here, stuffed to the brim with all sorts of patterns to get you excited!

Make sure to email us if you have any questions!  


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