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How good are The Motley Fool’s stock recommendations compared to those of the major Canadian banks?

I subscribed for many years and Motley Fool is decent, BUT you can’t cherry pick their portfolio companies and try to replicate their success. Most of their recommendations are just that — recommendations, no one knows for sure how the stock prices will play out in the future.

Beyond Motley Fool, most buy/sell rating groups are always a little vague. “Upgrade $SHOP from Hold to Strong Buy”. The question is — WHAT PRICE do I buy it at?

If that rating holds for 6–7 months, the price has gone from $42 to $100 and back to $82 and back to $91…”buy” is pretty vague, don’t you think?

Professional swing/day traders are their own analysts and insiders know that it’s a big no-no to blindly follow other people’s recommendation. If the recommendation doesn’t work out, you can only blame yourself — no one else — you have to “own” the trade.

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