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How do I start stock trading in school?

  1. You need to save at least $500 to start and you need to find a strategy that fits your personality.

  2. Soak up as much free content on YouTube BEFORE you spend anything on any training. I’m talking 2–3 hours a day minimum.

  3. During the summer — during market hours, you can use a demo account from Das Trader. Developer of DAS Trader suite of products to test drive different strategies -or- use a stock market simulator.

  4. Practice various strategies before opening a LIVE account with real capital.

  5. Do this for 3 months, find a strategy that fits your personality and then consider using real capital in the $3-5k range. It would be enough to day trade, but you can have 2–3 “swing trades” (hold period of a few days to a few weeks).

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