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How do find a mentor in option and future trading?

I trade stocks & stock options, not futures and I would say be willing to compensate someone for their one-on-one time with you. Search LinkedIn for someone in your area with the skill you desire, sit down with them face to face and buy them coffee/lunch and listen to their experiences. If all goes well, contact them again and and ask if they are willing to do a formal mentoring session once a week or every other week via Zoom and be prepared to pay them for their time.

If someone wanted me to donate my time to them for free every week (or every other week), I would most certainly charge them to gauge how serious they are! People don’t place a high value on things that cost them little to nothing.

One of the things you learn when you get older and have more experience is how careful you are with how you spend your time, don’t want to waste it on someone who wants 100+ hours of my time (for free).

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