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How can I learn to invest like a millionaire?

That’s easy, dedicate your life to learning about and practicing investing (stocks, bonds, currencies, futures, real estate, small businesses, etc), start on a small scale and as your skill/capital increases, increase your position size. You may be a millionaire in a few years, statistically speaking, it also may take a lifetime — if ever. This really is a mindset-type answer, just a checklist of things to do sorta answer.

It’s more like sailing in the ocean, there are days/weeks where the wind is plentiful and you can do no wrong and they are days/weeks where there is no wind in sight and you are just drifting and you have to make decisions about how to adapt and continue after experiencing setbacks.

Keep in mind that skills like trading & investing require 10,000+ hours (~5 years full time) to get decent at — also require a lifetime of dedication to actually “master”. Most people spend many many years doing this while “Millennials” seem to think this should happen overnight. There are no guarantees in life, except death…and taxes!

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