• Jerremy Alexander Newsome

Guest Post - Investing and Speculation

By Thomas Moore

Published on April 6, 2018

Trade wars, inflation and interest rates, Jay Powell's outlook on the economy, Facebook, and Amazon - all are elements that over the last few weeks have sparked the market to a level of volatility that has even some of the most experienced and successful investors in the world shaking their heads. From Tuesday's open to Wednesday's close, for example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average moved more than 1,000 points between extreme high and extreme low as China threatened tit-for-tat tariff retaliation. Fears about a trade war got stoked yet agian last night as President Trump uppsed the in the (so far) rhetorical war of words, saying that he was considering adding $100 billion more to the list against China. And with the Dow dropping again today by more than 500 points to start retesting the broad market's long-term trend support, the hand-wringing seems dest