• Jerremy Alexander Newsome

Fiverr IPO

Hello there titans of the ticks! How are you doing this fine Saturday? Jerremy is finishing up his 29029 race and I am busy starting at the charts. I just wanted to pop into your day to tell you a little bit about another IPO that recently came on to the market. You might have heard of them. You might have even used them before! Let's chat about Fiverr.

Fiverr is a nifty little company that is an online marketplace for freelancers and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel! I think this is our first company headquartered somewhere other than the USA! It is worldwide and allows users to sell their services called "Gigs" from the base price of $5 (see what they did there) for up to thousands with add ons. It is estimated to have around 830,000 freelancers! Fiverr was born in 2010 and since then website transaction volume has grown over 600%. And since the beginning of 2013 Fiverr has held strong as one of the top 100 sites in the US and top 200 sites in the world!

Fiverr envisioned a marketplace that was two sided; a way for both consumers and creators to buy and sell. To purchase or sell on it's site you start by signing up completely for free. If you choose to sell, you create gigs choose the price, and go live. To buy, you just create a profile and purchase said gigs. You can message the sender through the site a