• Jerremy Alexander Newsome


Hi trading geniuses out there! My goal for this IPO series is to not just show you trade set ups, but to also expand your mind and introduce you to new companies, processes, and ideas that you may not have otherwise been acquainted with. Remember the human race as a whole does not progress if we stick to old ways. We have to continue thinking outside of the box and get better as individuals to make the world a better place! The more we know, the better we become! It's that simple.

Let's talk EVOP, or Evo Payments! Evo Payments has been around for a minute. They are approaching 30 years actually. EVOP was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the mecca of all things corporate.This company specializes in exactly what it's name would imply: payments. Haha. EVOP is one the leading payment solution companies in the world and 50 countries and transacts in 130 currencies all over the world. They provide all of the following: domestic and international processing of debit and credit cards, processing of Gift cards, ACH checks, e-commerce solutions, Point of Sale and Mobile Solutions, marketing, analytics, and merchant funding.

It blows my mind that some companies o