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Elections, Big Government, and Taxes ~ OH MY!

Elections, Big Government, and Taxes ~ OH MY!

Hello, Friends! Shall I type this article from underneath the safety of my big ol', heavy, wooden desk? Elections! Nothing but scare tactics and fear and loathing ads.

Big Government! Self-serving politicians with their bureaucratic agendas. 

Taxes! The fiscal engine of government growth backed by a mind-numbingly complex tax code. 

Why on earth would she choose such nasty subject matter, you may be wondering. These topics tend to enflame passions and raise blood pressures, true, and I have a hypothesis as to why our negative feelings may run so deep on these issues. 

Are your chosen candidates faring well in the current election races? Maybe not, and you feel that your vote has no effect. Are you ever frustrated with the federal government's management of local schools where your children's teachers struggle to meet the needs of all the students? How difficult is it to realize just how much of your hard-earned income must be given back in income and a myriad of other taxes? When and if I stop to ponder these issues, which I don't often choose to do, I find one common thread ~ I start to feel small, almost as if I lack control and power. I believe it's this victim-like mentality that gives rise to outpourings of anger and frustration. Does it have a similar effect on you? 

I don't know about you, but I do not enjoy feeling this way one little bit. So, I've done a bit of research and would love to share something I've learned about reframing my thoughts. If we change the way we speak, we change the way we think. 

Think about it: Can we be more productive and solutions-oriented with our thoughts simply by changing the WORDS we use? SURE WE CAN!!! Many champions of creative thinking and students of psychology agree. 

What if "elections" become our "opportunities" to participate in change? 

What if "government" becomes the "body" working to bring good to as many as possible? 

What if "taxes" become a "celebration" of the income and profits we are bringing into our homes? 

Changes in our thought patterns certainly won't come overnight, but they will surely come if we continue in this pursuit. One easy starting point is to leave out the word try. And don't just try to leave it out either; really, just throw the word out the window! Say this aloud: "I am going to try to learn that new trading strategy I heard about."

Now, say it again, only like this: "I MUST learn that new trading strategy I heard about!"

Of course you feel the difference! This topic is obviously much larger than current space allows, and is one that I'll explore further in another article. Continuing with the theme, though, I propose we do away with words such as as "small", "lacking control" and "powerless" when considering the issues of elections and taxation. You do not have to be a victim of big government. 

I suggest a new, positive description: We are incredible people who are seeking "opportunities" to learn and grow our minds and bodies, in pursuit of dreams and goals, with an eye toward celebrating our successes! (See how I tied those together?) At Real Life Trading, our mission is "To EnRich Lives". Everything we do, we do for the purpose of adding value to your life, and if that means helping you reframe your thoughts by changing your words, we're up for that challenge.

The bottom line is, you ARE able to take control of your financial future, you ARE able to pay down your debt, you ARE able to look forward to a more financially secure future, and we at Real Life Trading look forward to being a part of your adventure! 

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