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Day Trading Floor Crushes 116% in 6 Months!!!

RLT Day Trading Floor Crushes 116% In 6 Months!!!

Real Life Trading Day Trading Floor Reaches 58 Rs in July or 116% YTD

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who is and has been a part of the Real Life Trading Day Trading Webinar. By sharing trades, holding each other accountable and trading as a team, from February 1 to July 31, we reached 58 Rs which equates to 116% portfolio growth in just 6 months!!! The team reached 20 Rs just in July! If you had a $2500 account in Feb, 2015 and risking $50 per trade, you would have $5400 by the end of July, 2015; a $10,000 account in Feb, 2015 risking $200 per trade would have grown to $21,600 at the end of July, 2015. All of the aforementioned numbers do not include commissions or fees and assume exact trade execution to Jerremy Newsome and Brad Reed, but, the numbers also assume that you never increased your R which many traders did causing even bigger returns!!!

Special thanks to Dean Chance who analyzed our previous trades and reported that 1) we would be more profitable by exiting all at 2R rather than trail our stop and 2) Bearish Retest Gaps followed by Bullish Gap N Go's were our most profitable trades setups. One important lesson the team reinforced is not to be in a hurry to get into a trade because an even better trade may be just around the corner; there will be plenty of opportunities in any month to trade, and there is no need to risk making a mistake hurrying into or chasing a trade. Thank you to all. Can't Wait To See You On The Floor In August!!!

Trade on Logic, Not on Hope


Live Life, Love Life and Trade It

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