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Day 7 of the #30DayChallenge

Today is day 7 of the #30DayChallenge

In case you missed it, this was the challenge that we posted in our New + Struggling trader class last Friday. If you missed the class, you can catch up HERE

We still have 3 weeks to go and you can EASILY get caught up on backtrading during this 3-day weekend, right?  I realize it’s not for everyone, just traders that want to WIN, but that's YOU, right? 

The idea is to have a jedi-like focus on things that matter for the next 30 days, backtrading every day, having an accountability buddy, defining your WHY and following your plan. 

Implement PAIN into your plan if you break your plan and implement a REWARD if you follow it, it’s just that simple.


1. Add the swing/day trading plan & add journal to dashboard

2. Make a start/stop/continue list 

3. Find an accountability buddy in RLT Slack

4. Define your WHY? 

5. Practice BACKTRADING 5 tickers per day, 20 minutes a day = 25 tickers per week & send to your accountability buddy. 

6. Follow through on plan every week 

7. Implement PAIN if you break your plan, reward if you follow it. 

Please email and let me know if you still need an accountability buddy, there are still a few people we can match up. 

Matt DeLong

Real Life Trading

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