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Can you make a living stock trading off of $100K USD?

Yes, it’s possible. But if you are a novice w/ a $100k account, you can easily blow up your account. Overnight, you can typically get 2x margin ($200k buying power) and intraday get 4x ($400k buying power).

I know several guys that have traded 9+ years who double, triple & quadruple their $100k account. Once it gets to a pre-determined level, they “wire out” the profits and go back down to $100k.

The difference is their 9+ years of experience and know that they “blew up” their account several times over the course of many years before understanding how to manage risk. Draw downs happen to even seasoned traders, they bounce make, most novices quit after a string of losses. My most successful month(s) occurred right after my worse months.

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