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Back Trading in Real Life

Back Trading in Real Life

In this webinar Jerremy Alexander Newsome answers two questions:

#1 What is back trading?

#2 How do we use it, to become a better trader?

Back trading is different than back testing. Back testing is commonly the term used when a trader inputs a strategy, algorithm, or formula into a software program and literally tests the inputs / outputs of that strategy to determine it's effectiveness. This is what MOST traders (who have the programming know-how) end up doing.

Back trading (also called trader conditioning, historical replay, replay mode, simulated trading) is when a traders 'goes back in time' on the charts and literally goes candle by candle to determine entries, exits, stops and more.

Jerremy brings this practice alive in this webinar! It's 90 minutes long and was created for only the most serious of traders. We guarantee you will have a breakthrough or goosebumps when watching this video and from seeing the profitable trade at the end!

We really do appreciate you watching! Featured in the video is the OnDemand and ThinkBack software in ThinkorSwim.

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