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Alphabet Dispells Google

Alphabet Dispells Google

By Real Life Trader: Justin Linderman

Google recently announced a restructuring and created a new company called Alphabet to house all of its current and arising ambitions. There a countless articles (because I didn't take the time to count them) about how this is good or bad for Google and what regulators will or won't do because of their size. Basically, this allows it to be more transparent with where their funds are going and which pieces are succeeding or not. However, I wanted to bring a simpler approach to the new company name that I didn't find discussed – and if you do see this idea somewhere else then let me know that I wasn't first.

Speaking of first, did you notice that the first part of the name Alphabet is the word Alpha? In Greek, alpha means first. Amazon has a hidden message in their logo with an arrow pointing from the first 'A” to the 'Z” to suggest that you can find everything from 'A” to 'Z” on their website. Well it seems to me that Google… oh sorry, Alphabet has hidden in plain English this message that they want to be first with all of their endeavors or ambitions, or ideally each and every bet they make on the future developments within Alphabet.

Well that's funny, I just used the word 'bet” in my last sentence and that's how the name Alphabet ends, with the word bet. If you search for 'bet definition” (on Google of course) you get the first result saying 'risk something, usually a sum of money, against someone else's on the basis of the outcome of a future event, such as the result of a race or game.” That's the verb definition. The noun definition is 'an act of risking a sum of money on the outcome of a future event.” Both ways, Google… sorry again, Alphabet knows that it has many areas risking something and looking to the future for the outcome to mean something to its business and to all of their customers.

When they put the words 'Alpha” and 'bet” together, I think they are saying that they want to be first company to win that race of developing all of these various cutting edge endeavors. The word 'Alphabet” is a great way to summarize their business objectives and to say that the alphabet is their playground. Just like you can find anything from 'A” to 'Z” at Amazon, Alphabet can have its letters in development on just about anything. GOOGL and AMZN are typically reviewed every Tuesday in the Afternoon room on Tech Giant Tuesday, and AMZN has been featured in the 2015 Summer Portfolio.

This is my first article for RLT. I've found a niche with hearing and seeing words differently than others and this has helped me identify and create puns in everyday life as well as in trading. If you've been in a webinar or on the Floors at RLT, you've likely heard one of my puns, so it's fitting for me to bring up this perspective on Alphabet. To wrap up, did you notice the pun in the title of this article? The word 'Dispells” is misspelled intentionally. Enjoy!

If you ever have any other questions about puns as they relate to the market or life, feel free to email Jerremy anytime at and he'll get it to me. Thanks!

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