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  • Jon Alonzo

A Real Life Journey- Becoming a Full Time Trader


Hey, what’s up traders and friends?

I am making the move! It’s time that I find out if I can make it as a full-time day trader.

I have been day trading and swing trading for about the past 3 years now, and although I have been successful, my account has not really grown the way I had hoped it would. By no means would I be able to pay all the bills with trading alone.

I would trade a strategy for a month or so, make some gains, break my rules, switch my strategy, and then give back those gains.

A very frustrating cycle to say the least. It’s time to focus, time to get real with myself; it’s time to start trading from a place of love rather than a place of fear.

With that being said, moving forward I will only be focusing on day trading one stock!!! And that one stock is AMD. I will not look at any other stocks, instead I will get to know AMD inside and out.

My goal is to make $1.90 per share, or 1.9Rs each week by day trading AMD.

I am starting this Journey at the beginning of May using a $300 risk unit, and will increase this risk by $100 each month I am profitable until I reach a risk unit of $1000.

I will always be using a stop loss of $1.00, so my ultimate goal will be to trade AMD with 1000 shares.

Let us do that the math on that real quick!!

My weekly goal is to earn $1.90 a week on AMD and my R is $1000, that equals $1900 a week. $1900 X 52 weeks in a year = $98, 800 a year. Should be enough to cover the bills.

It’s not going to be easy, it will be scary, there will be up and downs, and I am sure that I will have moments where I feel like throwing in the towel and giving up.

But if I do not attack this, If I do not get after it, I will never make it as a full-time trader.

I have an amazing group of friends and traders at RLT that are here to support and encourage me through this journey.

My wife, Abbey, and my kids Emerson and TSLA believe in me; it’s time I start believing in myself and pursuing my dreams!! My Real-Life Trading Journey Starts NOW!!

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