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9 companies I am always Bullish on.

The 9 companies I am always Bullish on.

Hello beautiful people, lovely traders, gorgeous friends and aspiring entrepreneurs the world over! I hope you are currently and pleasantly filled with love, joy and enthusiasm.

Why am I so excited? Well, because I get to do this everyday, all the time, whenever I want, from where ever I want. Right now I write this article and I'm prepping to travel to the mountainous regions of Denver, Colorado to spend time with some incredible friends and Real Life Traders.

The article below was inspired mostly from this fun and semi controversial article: 9 companies I am always bearish on. 

Let me first simply clarify, what does 'always bullish mean”? Simply this: I love the companies, I interact with them often if not every day, and regardless of the P/E ratios, the companies are run by visionaries and I truly see these companies being around, existing and trading higher than they are right now, 5-10 years from now. Sure, they will have downward moves, pull backs, retracements, but to me, I will see them as buying opportunities, They are not listed in any particular order.

1. AAPL: Most of my students and followers know this is my favorite stock to trade. If you're thinking 'Ya know, AAPL is just a tech stock, they will run out of ideas and products soon.” I say that's where you're wrong. I don't know specifically what AAPL has in store, but their ground-breaking products will continue to be generated and they have more cash readily available than any company in history. Their stock is now paying a dividend, it's not very expensive and their market cap is insane. This company is built to last and I'm always looking to buy low, sell high on this company both long term and short term.

2. PNRA: Chances are, if you live in a first world country you've eaten at Panera and enjoyed it. Panera is the SBUX of food. A culture of foodies, Internet junkies and start up business owners who constantly flood the well lit, Mozart-filled 'living room” of a restaurant. The only food company I like more fundamentally and personally is Chick-fil-a, but they aren't public. Otherwise, every dime, nickel and quarter I had, would be in CKFLA shares.

3. GOOGL: Let's face it: this company is the Internet, and the Internet isn't going anywhere. From an impressive and unprecedented workplace culture, to quirky fun filled, cash rich innovation, this company generates insane revenue. In the future, they will vertically integrate by not only being an Internet company, but providing the service itself at a cheaper cost than the current stuffy, bedridden Internet providers that slowly seep out their bandwidth to those who pay $149.40 a month to receive sub par service. On a side note, anytime the name of your company literally becomes a pretty common verb, phrase or saying (why don't you just Google it); you know you're in the big times. 

4. FB: I feel that I may be one of the few people who've always had faith in FB. Ever since their abysmal IPO, which was expected, FB has tripled in value. Since just 2013, it has grown more than 500%. With Mark Z. leading the helm and buying what seems to be irrelevant companies, like What'sApp and Oculus with a bozo amount of cash, I personally think FB is going to incorporate high level gaming into their platforms and much more. Even now they have begun live streams which could be a direct competition for current VOIP companies like GoToWebinar, ClickWebinar and numerous more, not to mention Periscope become irrelevant, and FB still drives billions of traffic each year. Their revenue is growing, their information is growing, their users are growing, FB will grow.

5. TSLA: Solid chance I'll get some fundamental feedback on this choice. I'll say now, I realize they aren't cash flow positive (yet). Here's my simple thinking. Elon Musk is the Thomas Edison of the 21st century. This company will not and cannot falter with him leading it. With their home battery packs and off grid infrastructure and sleek vehicles, TSLA will grow over time. Not adjusting for splits, I could easily see TSLA becoming a $1,000 stock in my lifetime. Easily. My buddy, Aubrey, buys shares as often as he can for the long haul and I think it's a solid choice. TSLA will face the same 'fundamental fighters” as AMZN did through all of 2000 - 2010. My vote is in Elon and his leadership. He will do for TSLA what Jobs did for AAPL.

6. BP: This energy giant is one of my 'go to” energy companies. It's relatively cheap, pays nice dividends, trades well, carries decent covered call premiums at times, is well disciplined and oh, did I mention, it's massive. BP has been around, for a while, and likely won't go bankrupt for decades. Will BP be around 200 years? Psh… not many companies have. I see good things for BP, especially in the next 20 years.

7. BUD: Honestly, this one was hard to pick. It's more of a 'sector' than an individual stock. What's the sector you ask? Alcohol, namely beer. Beer has stupid high margins and it's as stable as coffee and has been around even longer. People like coffee. People love beer. People crave coffee. People make vacation plans around beer. One of the best shows you can watch on NFLX is How Beer Saved the World.Speaking of NFLX, I considered highly putting them on my list. I love NFLX, but I could see them being acquired, bought, dismantled, becoming irrelevant or maybe going private. Don't get me wrong, if that happens, we might be hanging out with Kevin Costner because it's Water World for planet Earth, but NFLX is a simple technology design and usually those can be easily copied. NFLX already has massive competition. Their original shows and series are helping for sure, but that increases overhead costs. Either way, I love NFLX and I'm 99% positive they will be here 10 years from now. But at what stock price? I'm not sure… 20 years from now, maybe. Not if Elon Musk has anything to say about it, though. BUD, which is Anheuser-Busch InBev is a massive conglomeration of various companies, models, missions and focuses which are housed under one famous brand. It spans the world and is the cornerstone of many small pubs, restaurants and businesses alike. 

8. SPY: This is kind of a cop out, I agree. The fact is, people love end of the world stories. It scares them into changing. The SPY and namely the S&P500 isn't going anywhere for a long, long time. Sure, we will have 2-3 bear markets every 10-12 years I'm sure, but that's natural. Always remember to buy low, sell high and you'll be fine.

9: SLV: This ETF isn't going anywhere. And if it doesn't it's because iShares is no longer a thing and it just becomes something else. Overall, silver is never going away. It's been here longer than any company. There will always be an instrument to track the price of silver and it always will be a good buy low sell high endeavor. Sure, it might not ever see a bubble again like it did in 2012, but it's stable. It will have ups and downs, but if you can time the prices right, you can see the good supports and you mitigate risk, SLV can be a really fun ETF to trade and I'm usually bullish on it over the LONG term.

Alright. That's my 9. Do you agree? What would your 9 be? Do you have any of these in your portfolio? Feel free to post your thoughts and comments in the section below! Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Until next time, Love Life, live life and trade it!

Jerremy Alexander Newsome 

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