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7 Ways Playing SimCity is like the Stock Market

My city in the day

#1 You start off small: In SimCity, when you first log in and begin to play you are creating small trailer parks, everyone in the city you?re building is wigging out because they don?t have electricity or water; it?s like they are cave men. So you?ve got to spend some money building water towers, power plants and growing slowly. The stock market is the same way. If you want to learn more about investing, trading and how the stock market works, especially as it relates to money, start off small. Do not invest a lot at first. One share at a time, just to learn the system. Honestly, virtual trading is a great way to begin, Use fake money, learn how the whole process works and what you can and cannot do.

#2 There are a lot of people who play: Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people log onto SimCity every day to build their cities, add buildings and grow their population and rank. The stock market is identical. Sometimes, you just have to ask around, but numbers show if you?re in an office environment of some kind or corporate culture, probably 30% or more of those people dabble in some way as it relates to trading, investing and the stock market. Depending on your industry, that percentage could be significantly higher. Bottom line, hundreds of millions of people interact with trading and the stock market every day. So, if you aren?t, you should. It?s a fun game! Let?s play!

#3 You?ve got to spend money to make money: This is a no brainer. That?s what the stock market is right? You want to buy FB at $75 a share and sell it at $100 a share, making a $25 profit. Makes sense! On SimCity, as a player you will often times find yourself spending your ?tax revenue?, which is your income, to buy products, materials and items you need for an upgrade. You might spend $2,000 on an item to upgrade a building, which will bring in $1,400 immediately for an upgrade then $200 in additional tax revenue every day. That?s a solid investment, if you ask me. That?s how I got to level 32 so quickly. Took me about three months. I started playing in January 2015. Almost at 500k population now. It?s all about investment folks!

#4 There?s literally a Global Trade Head Quarters in the game: This is pretty obvious too. IF you have the sound turned on for this game it makes a ?wall street opening session sound? anytime you open the Global Trade Head Quarters. So, there?s pretty much a stock market in the game!! People selling things that you want to buy for whatever reason. If you find a cheap group of products, like 10 donuts and someone?s underpriced them, you could buy them for, say $5,000, and then turn right around and sell those 10 donuts for $6,000 making an instant $1,000 profit. I mean, this is pretty much stock market 101. Find something you like for cheap, buy it low and sell it higher.

#5 You have to learn how to save: SimCity is what?s known as a freemium game. It?s free to play but you can pay for upgrades. As in, actually give your hard earned money to upgrade something faster or buy something you can?t afford yet on the game. When in reality, you definitely do not have to pay any real money to progress nicely in the game. I most certainly wouldn?t and don?t. So, if you trade the stock market, you?re likely a thrifty saver, or you should be). Saving money to invest is simply smart! I mean, a good acronym for S.M.A.R.T is Save Money And Really Trade! When you begin to trade the stock market and invest, it?s crucial that you do so only with money you can afford to lose. So don?t go get a credit card loan and use that for the markets. Nope, that?s not smart. Just like in the game, if you save your ?tax revenue? you can build, buy and grow faster. Don?t spend it on frivolous things. You?ve got to have money to make money boo boo.

#6 You can access it from your smart phone: Yep! One can trade the stock market from your smart phone. Now personally, I don?t enter many trades from my phone, but if I need to exit one while on the go, it?s a handy tool. SimCity is a game I mostly play while waiting in a doctor?s office, DMV, or in some erroneous line I really don?t want to be in. The stock market is becoming so accessible, folks! It?s a great time to learn how to take advantage of all of those opportunities and all that money out there! And it?s real money, not ?SimCash? like in the game. That stuff is worthless when it comes to the daily grind, paying light bills, upgrading your kitchen, you know, real life stuff.

#7 It?s something that doesn?t require a lot of time: This one might be hard to believe, but it?s true. Of course, like in SimCity you have different levels and sizes of cities, and there are different levels of traders. You have those who do it full-time, in front of their computers all day, and then you have more relaxed traders who do it every so often. Both can make money. I define myself as a professional trader, yet I only trade actively less than 20 hours a week. You can still have a full time job as a teacher, engineer, astronaut, environmental scientist or dog trainer and be active in the market, engaging in strategies like covered calls, credit spreads or simply just buying stock low at support and selling it higher.

If trading or the stock market is something you are truly interested in, check out reallifetrading.com. It?s a great website, one I created for any level of trader to enjoy and be enriched by. If you ever have any questions personally, reach out to me at jerremy@reallifetrading.com or you can follow me on twitter @newsomenuggets.

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Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a great day and if you want to find me on SimCity - my city is called, of course, RealLifeTrading.