• Jerremy Alexander Newsome

7 Ways Disc Golf is Like Trading

7 Ways Disc Golf is Like Trading 

I would like to start of this article by saying, I'm glad this sport is more commonly referred to as 'disc golf” because frisbee golf just sounds similar to an oxymoron or something.

As you might know, July is Sports Month at Real Life Trading. Each month of the year, we take some aspect of everyday life and apply it to trading to help educate the world on the trader lifestyle. August will be Volunteer Month and September will be the highly anticipated Real Estate Month.

For July, my challenge to other traders was to partake in a sport they've never played before. Allowing them to try something new and put their bodies and minds to the test. Honestly, I thought disc golf would be the most dull and emasculating game possible. Actually, I had a lot of fun playing. Ashley and myself played all 18 ''holes” as they are actually referred to. But you are throwing it into a chain, cage, capturing device. Looks like this.

Here are my 7 Ways Disc Golf is Like Trading

Don't get cocky: This one is from Ashley herself. On hole 3 she was about 8 feet away, got cocky and botched it. 

And she said 'it's probably the same in trading right?” Yep. Sure is. Always stay humble traders or the market will humble you. Sure, make as much money as you can but follow your plan and don't deviate from it. 'Success is just a hand full of actions repeated thousands of times with pig headed discipline” - Jim Rohn

Slow and steady helps you make progress: I'll admit something, in case you were unaware. I'm not very good at 'frisbee' or throwing any kind of discs. My objective was simply to find out how this game works. I only realized until today disc golf is very similar to actual golf. Meaning, most use about 3-4 different types of discs. Well, Ashley and I used the $3.99 kind from target. They weighed 100 grams and did not fly very far. They did get us to our destinations though. Trading is the exact same. If you want to turn $10,000 into $100,000, it's going to take more than 1 year. Sorry, it just will. Be patient, get ready to make small $100.00 wins, often and start growing that account and focusing on not losing that 10k.

You will miss a lot: I really apologize that I didn't invite more people to watch me just do terrible at this sport. It was probably comedy gold.

Many people get frustrated in sports and trading. A 50/50 trader is an incredible trader. Go in expecting if you have two trades on, one will likely lose. In disk golf, just try and get as close as possible to the basket. If you miss, or hit a tree, just keep playing and remember number 2. You'll get there.

The best equipment isn't needed to start: Folks, there are trading softwares out there that cost over $10,000. I pay about $20 a month for mine but it can be used very effectively for free. That's right $0.00 a month. Tradingview.com is what I use. As mentioned earlier, I was having a grand 'ol time with the $3.99 frisbee from Target. I could have just played the first 9 with that one because the back 9 were pretty difficult with my little 100 gram disc. What I did is the equivalent of playing an 18 round of golf with just the 7 iron and 0 golf cart (yep, we walked about 2 miles). In trading, just simply get started. Don't worry about the awesome computer monitor set up, or the office, or expensive charting software with the 'proprietary scanners and indicators'. You don't need them, even if you want to go pro.

There are different tactics to do the same thing: This was very true in disc golf. On a few of the holes, we had to circumvent a path of trees (about 50 yards across.) We couldn't throw over it so we went around it. Ashley usually went to the left and I went to the right. Figures. In trading, this is so accurate it's scary. If you want to make money on a stock while it's going up, you have so many different tactics, it's unreal. Find one you like, you understand, and you can afford. Then keep doing it and make money with it. You can learn something else when you are profitable.

It's exhausting: Honestly, trading all day can be a mental marathon. Physically it's not that tiring but mentally you can be drained at the end of the day. In disc golf, you will probably walk a lot. Wear good shoes and bring water.

Same with regular golf if you are a beast like my friend and Real Life Trader Robert Meek and sometimes you do it without a golf cart. Remember to take breaks from the computer. Get up and go take a walk outside or head to the gym or pool for a bit. 

Any age can do it: For my traders out there who are older than 60, I might have found a sport you will really enjoy. I know golf and tennis can be enjoyable but there still are a tad strenuous. Disc golf is right up there with checkers and chess on the strenuous level. You could be 98 and play 4-5 holes of disc golf. The entire 18 when it's 104 degrees, which is what I did, should be reserved for those who can handle it. If you're looking for a fun sport and you've already dominated other sports (oh say, 30 years ago) then you could consider disc golf. In regards to trading, any age can do it. I've been teaching 'old dogs, new tricks” for years now. I've also been teaching young dogs, middle age cats, and the occasional falcon for a long time too. Bottom line, investing is smart. Saving money is smart. Trading the stock market isn't scary. It's like, well, disk golf. Just learn how to play and have a good time.

If you need anything at anytime traders, feel free to let me know. Always happy to help. My email address is jerremy@reallifetrading.com