• Jerremy Alexander Newsome

7 Ways Clash of Clans is like Trading

Clash of Clans? What the heck is that? Honestly, I don't expect you to know unless you're 35 or younger. If you are over 35 and you've heard of Clash of Clans, +1 cool point for you!

I'm really writing this article for my COC players! You will be absolutely shocked by some of the statistics of this game. Clash of Clans is a mobile game (played on your cell phone or ipod) and generates millions of dollars annually! To get more information, check out this article by Peter Warman of NewZoo. http://www.newzoo.com/insights/supercell-vs-king-how-do-their-gamers-compare/

Here's the deal. If you play Clash of Clans, I truly think you would love the stock market! And below, are 7 reasons why.

1:The stock market is just a big game: With any game you play there will be challenges, wars, quests where you win and lose. The stock market is the same way. All professional traders make winning trades and losing trades. The point is to lose small and win big. Simple as that.

2: We all want to grow: Growth is one of our human needs. In games and specifically Clash of Clans, this drive is met by growing your village, coins, elixir, war camps and troops. As humans, deep down we always strive for improvement. Even if it?s small baby steps over time the majority of us crave improvement. The truth is, that?s why we play games! Because it?s so much easier to improve in games than it is in the real world. (I know I?m going a little deep here but bear with me). I am a very light gamer to say the least. I hardly ever play video games. I personally only began to play Clash of Clans because my younger nephew Derrick asked me to play with him and I thought it would be a good bonding experience. (And it is!) But games offer variety, meet human needs, and provide an easy way to obtain goals. I?ve obtained tens of millions of gold coins in Clash of Clans and it makes me feel good, but it doesn?t equate to real money at all and that?s something that?s really important, which brings me to point #3.

3:You can grow your bank account: In the majority of games, rewards are very often tied to money of some kind. From Mario, to Sim City, from Clash of Clans to Game of War, and truly countless others. Players play these games to amass wealth and fortunes, but at the end of the day?those fortunes have zero impact on their Real Life. I learned this at a young age when I was seriously insanely good at a pinball game. I always got the high score on the computer and played for hours and accumulated millions of ?galactic credits?, but when my Dad went to the store I couldn?t buy my candy, he had to get it for me. Keep in mind, I?m not trying to say people shouldn?t play video games. What I am saying is if you like creating wealth, money and improving your life in the fantasy world, why not learn how to do it in the Real world? Interesting thought, huh? 1 simple, unarguable fact is this: The money you make in video games is not real. It's important that you learn how to make your money work for you! On average, gamers spend about $3,000 on video games before the age of 40. Want to know what else you can do with $3,000? Read my report Retire on 3k!

4: Clash of Clans is free to join: This is really a new wave of games. I call this ?genius marketing? haha, but others call it ?freemium? games, where it?s 100% free to play but you have to pay to get better (or wait a long time!) One of the issues stopping people from learning investing, trading and the stock market is they know how much money it costs up front. I mean really, some companies charge $10,000 or more for just a few hours of content. What if there was a company, like Clash of Clans, which taught the education totally for free. No holds barred, no gimmicks, just solid information that will educate you on how to trade and hopefully make you some money!! That company is called Real Life Trading! Welcome!! : )

5: You?ve got to know when to attack: I love attacking on Clash of Clans. It?s so much fun (and for the parents out there, these attacks are not bloody or gory. They are very ?gamie? looking and when someone dies a little pink bubble pops instead of blood. Anyway, the game is safe for kids, I guess is what I?m trying to say. To date I?ve won 817 battles, which really isn?t too shabby considering I?ve been playing for less than one year. That?s roughly two battles per day. (He wipes his shoulders off). In trading, you can sit on the sidelines as much as you want, but there will come a time where you need to take some risks. The wealthy people in this world are not afraid of failure. In fact, to most of them, failure doesn?t even exist. It?s just a word. You?ve got to attack and go after what you want! If you need 49,000 elixir for your next upgrade in Clash of Clans, then fight for it. If you want an extra $3,000 a month so you can remodel your kitchen, or buy a new car, or pay off your student loans, learn how to trade for free. Get educated and start making moves!

6: Defense is important: When trading the stock market, the number one thing you should focus on and learn is defense (also known as risk mitigation). You do not want to lose big in the market. Losses will happen, without question. In Clash of Clans players can increase the strength of their walls, power of their cannons, wizards towers and properly place traps to foil an enemy attack. (I love the spring traps that throw units in the air. If you place those cunningly, it can alter the enemies? attacks drastically). In the game, the more resources you have the bigger you can grow. Investing and trading is the same. The more money you have and protect, the bigger you can grow your accounts.

7: It?s something that can be done anywhere: Clash of Clans is very easy to play. That?s why so many people do it (hundreds of millions in fact all over the world). All you need is a phone with either Internet connection or cell signal. You can also play it on tablets. It?s so easy to start playing. Well, by golly, the stock market is the same way! Let me teach you how to trade and you can do it from anywhere! IF you have Internet (or cell signal) trades can now be placed through phones, tablets, laptops or desktops from all around the world. Your ?office? can be wherever you want it to be. Bahamas, Hawaii, Mexico, Salt Lake City, Paris, Australia anywhere you wish. Trading can offer you freedom! The money to do what you want, when you want to do it and the ability to travel anywhere you want. Let me at least open your eyes to the possibility of trading and what can be done. Make sure to read this article: Retire on 3K.

Thanks so much for reading!

If you do play COC, feel free to find my clan. Se8Rhino. The clan consistent mostly of friends and younger relatives and we?re pretty active. PS. Nope, I do not buy gems. I save them. Why spenthamuch money on a game you can play for free?! Instead of spending money on this game, start saving it up!

Until next time friends, remember, love life, live life and trade it!