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7 Sports Companies you didn't know were publicly traded.

7 Sports Companies you didn't know were publicly traded.

Hey Traders from around the world. I'm sure you are doing wonderful today. I challenge myself to learn something new every day. I usually do and often times, it involves the stock market. Just recently I've learned about some Sport Themed Stocks that are publicly traded. I'm sure you knew all about this list, but someone out there will learn something new! Enjoy.

1. MANU: Yeah, like Manchester United Soccer (ahem, football) Team! Cool, right? Arguably, one of the biggest sport franchises in the world. 

2. MSG: I'll admit, I learned this one about a year ago. Madison Square Garden is publicly traded and through this you have access to the New York Rangers and the New York Knicks!

3. WWE: I learned of this one about a year or so also. WWE! As in John Cena, The Rock, and Vince McMahon. Sure, I'll get some backlash about calling wrestling a 'sport' but they are highly paid entertainers and insane physical specimens AKA athletes.

4. ELY: Even though the ticker isn't a dead give away, this is Callaway Golf Co. I know Callaway by itself isn't 'golf” and it's a bit of a stretch to have on the list, but it's such a big name! I only found out about this one last week and it was the spark for this article. For all my golf fans ELY might be a way for you to potentially get some of your money back with their small, but steady dividend.

5. ISCA: Are you a Nascar or racing fan? Turn on ESPN ever? Then I'm sure you've heard of the International Speedway Corporation. Based out of Daytona, Florida they promote all of the motor themed actives here in the US and everything that goes along with it.

6. BCE: Ok, this company is flipping huge! Rogers Communications, formerly known as Bell Canada Enterprises, owns and operates approximately 30 conventional TV stations; 38 specialty and pay TV channels; 106 radio stations; 30,500 advertising faces; and 200 websites. And I would be amiss if I didn't include the NHL team, The Montreal Canadians; oh, and The Toronto Raptors and also, no big deal, The Toronto Blue Jays. BCE pays a pretty sick 4.5% dividend, also.

7. LMCA: Speaking of other huge telecommunication companies, which also own a sports team, Liberty Media Group owns The Atlanta Braves.

Did you know all of these existed? You probably did. I'm not the brightest bulb in lamp. 

Of course, you have countless other sporting companies out there. I mean, DIS owns ESPN, apparel companies like NKE, UA, LULU, stores like DKS; the list goes on and on. The sporting industry is huge! I was just surprised to see that the normal Real Life person like myself could have a direct investment into some sports teams, venues or owning companies / subsidiaries. It's just another reminder that the stock market is all around us and truly moves, impacts and influences the world around us daily!

Let's continue to profit from it, shall we?

Until next time traders, remember, love life, live life and trade it! 

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