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5 Ways Stormfall is like the Stock Market

5 Ways Stormfall is like the Stock Market

Hello, fellow gamers and potential stock market junkies.

My name is Jerremy Alexander Newsome. I like to play those 'freemium' cell phone games every now and then to pass the time. The freemium gaming world is an industry and sector that is really blowing up right now. About every 1-2 weeks you'll see a new ad on your FB stream for one of these games.

If you like playing these games and specifically you're a fan of Stormfall, Age, Empires, Mobile Strike, or anything like that, you might enjoy the compelling similarities between these games and the stock market. Let me give it a shot!

  1. You can learn to play for free: In the freemium world of video games, the objective is to get a player to download the game, get addicted to growth and expansion and pay for faster upgrades and boosts. Well, obviously that's what the stock market and investing is all about! Growing and expanding your money. There are many avenues to practice your investing skills without spending any real money upfront. Then, if you get hooked and you love it, put your hard earned money into the markets and let it work for you.

  2. Your coin balance will constantly change: In these strategy games, you have gold coins, which you buy things with. In the stock market you might not have gold coins, but physical money. Of course, in order to grow and expand you have to make the right decisions on what you purchase in hopes that the investment pays off.

  3. It is an online community: This is the other fascination with online gaming. The ability to connect with other gamers from around the world, instantly. Even though you might not readily know of all the people who enjoy and trade the market, rest assured they're quite numerous. You have the ability to connect with these traders, investors and trading enthusiast so they can help you with your strategy and plans.

  4. Both offensive and defensive strategies are important: In most RPG's, attacking and defending your base, castle, or territory is crucial. Many players overlook the importance of a good defense. In the stock market, many investors focus on the offense: how much money the can make and grow. In reality, not losing money is usually more important because if you don't lose it, you'll have the money to trade with. Quite crucial indeed.

  5. It's all about growth: In Stormfall, like almost every other game, the objective is growing and increasing your skills, knowledge and wealth. In the stock market, your objective is the same. You will always be learning and growing as a person. In order to be a successful stock market trader, one must begin to mold himself or herself into a successful person. One with incredible discipline, consistency, time management and money management skills to name a few great attributes.

Games are obviously an enjoyable hobby and activity. Simply keep in mind; at the end of the month, they are a game and unless you're skilled enough to play in official tournaments, you're never going to actually make money playing them. Investing and the stock market are not nearly as scary as many people make it out to be. You are never too old or young to enjoy the benefits of trading the markets!

If you are brand new to trading and you're looking for a place to start, click here. Below is my Stormfall base. If you're a player, shoot me a note.

Until next time! 

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