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5 Other Great Ways to Reduce Stress

Hey, Everyone! My name is Jerremy Alexander Newsome and I am a professional trader and founder of Real Life Trading. I write these tips from the perspective of a day trader, but they will apply to people from all walks of life and any profession or income level. The mission statement of Real Life Trading is 'To EnRich Lives'. Our focus is not only on trading, but on life and its beauty and simplicity! This article is going to be so much more than the obvious 'workout and eat better' advice. I believe you already know to do those two things to reduce stress. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend with me and I hope this helps you reduce your stress levels and in turn EnRiches your lives!

1. A clean email inbox is a clean mind. As wild, obsessive and impossible as it may sound, there is nothing in my inbox that I do not need there. I get thousands of emails every week and I have about 46 in my inbox as a rule. The 'delete' key is my best friend and that's not a bad thing. If you've sent me an email, I read it and once I've read it there's a 99% chance I will reply to it. Once I've replied to an email I delete it unless it's crucial in some way. Here's how I personally judge if I should delete an email. I ask myself 'Is the information in this email pertinent to what I need to do today or within the next few days?” If it's not, delete. In this day and age, you know what is important and what isn't and if you can clear it out without any negative consequence, do it. A clean, organized inbox is obtainable, simple and much less stressful in the long run. An added plus is that it makes it easier to respond to new emails, which is one of my secrets to how I respond to emails so fast. I know immediately if I have an email that I need to address. Clean inbox = less stress and that's a Jerremy Newsome fact.

2. Organize your phone. What the heck do I mean by this one? Well, something similar to the email inbox. About once every two to three months I go through the contents of my phone with an eye for a 'purge'. This is a great use of otherwise wasted time when I'm on a flight or waiting at the doctor's office, Motor Vehicles Department, tax office, or in any other long line by myself. Pictures, games, applications and yes, contacts as well are subject to deletion. I'm quick to purge someone from my life if they add zero value as a friend. Oh, I met you four years ago at a sports game but we haven't had a solid conversation since then? Delete and maybe we will connect again in the future. My phone needs space. Honestly folks, this is great for those who keep an ex around way too long. If this person is a negative drain on you, your friends, your trading and your life . . . get them off your phone! It's as simple as that. Clearing off old apps or games you no longer use or play, sorting pictures can also give you two additional by-products. A) You might find new, cool uses for your phone, and B) This will clear up space and memory, which could result in your phone functioning faster.

3. Clean your car. I am not the cleanest person in the world. I'm no slob either, but on a one to ten scale of cleanliness, ten being the cleanest person you've ever met, I consider myself to be a 7.618. I'm getting better than I was and there's always room for improvement. Having a clean car is such a stress reliever. You have choices here, Folks. A) Gather all your quarters, go to the local car cleaning station, spend about $7.50 giving it a good scrub and vacuum and you'll feel accomplished, or B) Find a car detailing company, spend $50 and they will most likely do an amazing job. Sometimes they will even come by your office and do it while you're at work. Remember, there's a time value to money, my Friends…I'm fine with either option. Do it myself, or pay someone to do it for me . . . about 62.13% of the time I'll choose the latter and it just depends on my mood. Now, if you're saying to yourself 'Jerremy, I've already got all the cleaning supplies at my house to clean my car.” Then you're an eight or more on my one to ten scale and good for you. Clean it and your stress level will go down!

4. Automate your trades. As you know, I am a full time professional trader. It's a huge myth that professional traders, even day traders like myself, sit in front of the computer ten hours a day. Contingency orders are insanely crucial to reducing stress. Being able to 'trade' while you are at work? I mean, to have the computer do all the work for you? Set your entry, stop, and target using contingency orders, get the whole thing automated and then go on about your day. SMART! If you don't know how to automate your trades I'm happy to teach you.

Ladies and gentleman, let's be Real, okay? We are all adults here. There are literally countless other stress reducers I could have included here and as I stop to think about it I might just have enough to do another blog on this topic. In my view of the world stress is simply a state of mind. If you want to change your state of mind, change your state! This is not the time, nor the place to dive into political correctness or what's right and wrong. It's simple, Folks. If you're in a loving relationship with a consenting adult express your intimacy as often as you both please. If you are at a space in your life where you are waiting for the right time in the right place with the right person, excellent! I love the fact that you are disciplined and being true to yourself. Let's face it, though. Can you really think of a better way to reduce stress? I thought not. Remember, if you do at the end of the relationship what you did in the beginning, there won't be an end.

Thanks so much for reading my blog! In my eccentric view of the world, life is love and it's better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you aren't. If you find money to be an obstacle in regards to tips #3 or have no clue what I'm talking about in tip #4, visit my site. The education is free. Let me and all the other Real Life Traders help you achieve the specific financial goals you may have in life through trading. Have a wonderful day and remember, in life those who succeed are Real with themselves and others! Enjoy!

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