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5 Incredibly Healthy and Easy Habits

5 Incredibly Healthy and Easy Habits

Hey, Friends from around the world! My name is Jerremy Alexander Newsome and I am a professional trader and co-founder of Real Life Trading. I write these tips from the perspective of a day trader, but they will apply to people from all walks of life and any profession or income level. The mission statement of Real Life Trading is 'To EnRich Lives'. Our focus is not only on trading, but on life; it's beauty and simplicity! This article was written specifically for traders, but even if you aren't a trader, enjoy! Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend with me and I hope it impacts you and in turn, EnRiches your lives!

1. No soda. In my humble opinion, the only time it's even remotely acceptable to drink soda is with a stiff drinkity-drink, a.k.a. the good old Jack Daniels and Coke, or as I call it, a Joke. I enjoy a great tasty drink from time to time. Call me a pansy, as all my male friends do, but straight bourbon, whiskey, or scotch just doesn't taste good to me. Why drink something if it doesn't taste good? Exactly! So, I add a carbonated beverage and 'Boom!', taste bud heaven. Avoiding soda has many positive affects:

(a) It helps you save money! The average American spends $1,345 a year on soda alone. That includes purchases at grocery stores, super markets, convenience stores, and restaurants. That's some serious coin saved on an annual basis and it could take a serious chunk out of your credit card debt, right? (b) It helps you lose weight! You know it's not good for you right? Diet, Zero, low calorie, don't let those titles fool you. It's simply not good for you, bottom line. Want to lose a quick five to 15 pounds? Stop drinking soda. (c) It helps keep your teeth whiter! You and I both know that soda stains your teeth. Your third grade teacher knows this. People are more attracted to white teeth. Jerremy Newsome Fact.

2. Stretch at least once a day. Traders, and honestly a lot of America's work force, are sedentary for a huge portion of the day. (Feel free to check out this cool article 5 Great Workouts for The Sitter.

Sitting down all day can cause your feet to swell and poor posture which can lead to back problems. This is something I constantly work on so if you ever see me slouching, call me out on it please! A very common injury among traders and others in professions who either sit or stand for a large portion of their day is sciatic nerve damage. Stretching is a great way to 'get the blood flowing' as my dad would say.

If you find yourself sleepy at work or in front of the computer, stand up and touch your toes. Afraid people will think you are weird? Who cares what they think! Be mindful of yourself and your body and touch those toes. See, it's easier for traders to get away with these weird things because we are in our own 'castles' a vast majority of the time and can do what we want when we want. Another good stretch is the quads. Balance on one leg and bring your heel up to your back. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat. Thirdly, especially if you're on your feet a lot, sit cross-legged for a few minutes. If you find this hard to do, you need to work on that as soon as you can, unless of course you have a physical limitation making this impossible. Stay limber and flexible, folks. It's good for the body!

3. Always take the stairs. Unless you work on the 151st floor (okay, a tiny exaggeration), but honestly I would say unless you work on the 13th floor or higher take the stairs. The reasoning is kind of an obvious, no brainer explanation. It increases heart activity and is not a full-on exercise where you are sweating profusely. Simply choose to take the stairs. It wakes up your legs, puts you in a good state, gets the blood flowing, plus you don't have to deal with awkward silence or weird smells in the elevator. I have a funny story about going up the stairs and a guy I worked with. Remind me sometime and I'll tell you.

4. Drink water. Another very simple tip. After my first tip, what did you think I would recommend you drink instead of soda? Water, of course! Cut milk and juices out of your diet and you will literally have $50 to $100 extra spending money every month. I'm not saying juice is bad, but a lot of juice and especially some smoothies or packaged 'fruit juices' have tons of sugar in them. (Not literally 2,000 pounds or more of sugar since that is a ton, but you know what I mean.) 

My mom and dad used to try and force me to drink water, but I never did as a kid. I was one active, wild, crazy little hellion too, and I was active and moving all the time. I drank a lot, but never water. Milk and Gatorade by the gallon, daily it seemed. I really didn't see the value of water until I took up MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I'm telling you, there is absolutely nothing that can compare with cold water after a one hour in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu match.

There were times when Steve, my instructor at the time, wouldn't let us have water breaks. He said it helped build endurance, which is true. In the cage you fight for three minutes straight without water, but I'm beginning to ramble. You get the point. Take a gallon of water with you everywhere you go. Yeah, like the body builders. Why do you think they do it, to be cool? No, they are thirsty because that's all they drink. They are super healthy. The healthier you are the more your body will crave water, and if you don't crave some amazingly cold water fairly frequently then you really honestly and truthfully need to reconsider your diet and what you are drinking. Speaking of this . . .

Check out my video where I taste test water! 

5. Cut back or eliminate coffee.

Okay, feel free to send the hate emails to jerremy@reallifetrading.com HAHAHA. 'Gather the pitch forks, knives and torches, folks! This guy is a heretic and needs to be strung up.' 

Listen; before you gather your mob and have me expelled from Earth, let me just argue the point. I will start with a question.

What are the positive effects coffee has on your health? You are likely thinking 'Well, it gives me energy, crazy guy! It's the nectar of the gods, passed down from heaven to sustain my body on a day-to-day basis”. 

Okay, yes, you are right. Coffee can give you energy, but why, though? Because it has caffeine. Caffeine, Friends from around the world, is a stimulant, a.k.a. – a drug. You literally can be and likely are addicted to coffee. Yep! Addicted. As in an addict. As in you are a drug addict. Sure it's legal, but still. Go without it for a day and see what happens. Migraine city! That's why people continue to drink the stuff. You're addicted. Studies show an apple and peanut butter have the same energy-producing effects as coffee and are obviously cheaper, less time consuming and more healthy. 

That's fine if you call me a nut job, and maybe it's just my energetic youthfulness talking here, but I don't drink coffee. I might have a cup once every three to four months if I'm really tired and only if my body says 'forget the jumping jacks man, you're tired.. drink some coffee” and I give in to laziness and have some. Studies show people who drink a lot of coffee don't sleep as well, do not enter the REM cycle nearly as often, as quickly, or for as long a duration as those who don't drink coffee. You simply do not have as restful of a sleep as you could. You wake up tired groggy and . . . you reach for the coffee. You addict you! 

Honestly though, if you work to cut back even to just one cup a day you will save money and begin to break your caffeine addiction. Let's face it, being truly addicted to anything isn't healthy. That's not science. That's just simple.

Thanks so much for reading my blog! In my eccentric view of the world, life is love and it's better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you aren't. Have a wonderful day and remember, in life those who succeed are Real with themselves and others! I look forward to meeting you in the future. 

Truly, feel free to reach out if you have any questions jerremy@reallifetrading.com