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4 Ways to Safely and Properly Invest in Medical Marijuana

4 Ways to Safely and Properly Invest in Medical Marijuana

Hi friends, family and Real Life Traders everywhere! I hope you are doing marvelous!! As you might have expected, this is one of our most highly requested topics. I take my best stab at it, being a pure outsider in this sector. Enjoy the video above. If you are fan of "quicker insights" my answer is simple. These are often the lottery tickets of the investing world. No one who provides sound financial advice says "to save up for retirement, buy $200 worth of lottery tickets every month." 

On that note, there are ways to make money trading marijuana stocks. You simply have to know how. I can teach you! Watch the above video and then, ask me the questions that pop into your mind. 

 For those who do have intense interest in the topic, you'll find some additional great resources below!

NOTE: I am not being endorsed in anyway to share this information. :-)

And below are some chart and analysis I've completed on popular stocks.

Obviously, I feel there are HUGE opportunities in this very fast paced and volatile sector. With hundreds of stocks and companies to choose from, it can be as simple as

1. Finding a stock that you like

2. Charting in on the daily chart3. Trading it on the hourly chart and use effective risk mitigation.

If you need a refresher on how you can trade ANY STOCK, using the hourly charts, check out this video. 

If you need anything, just let me know! YOU ROCK!!

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