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3 things to look for when JOINING a new company

After working with dozens of startups in many industries (mainly in a tech role), I joined RLT as CTO at the end of last year because of 3 things that I look for in companies -- BUT YET ARE SO VERY RARE! These are things I look for when making an investment as well as working with full time and I'm sharing those here now.

#1 - Are you working with a team YOU want to work with?

I've worked with teams that can't get their $$%^ together -- even small stuff -- they call an emergency meeting to talk about REAL PROBLEMS -- like what font to use on the website, meanwhile they are burning massive cash and running out of money. Seriously?? Do YOU REALLY want to work with a team like that? Are they really focused on the right things or the dumb/small stuff? If they really are interested in you working with you, they will engage with you to get to know you as well. No second, third, or fourth interview can really help you assess what the team will really be like outside of the carefully curated interview process.

Before you accept the job, get to know who you are working with OUTSIDE THE OFFICE...this can be a simple as drinks or dinner out with the team or even better, book an "escape room" outing with your future team first to see how they work together under pressure and how you fit in. Keep in mind they will be on their best behavior so take notes if you notice disfunction.

#2 - Will you be working on a product/service the current team is OBSESSED with?

You don't know how many people work at companies you want to join, that are only there for a paycheck. It's incredibly frustrating to be a hard working entrepreneur with real client deadlines and client projects at 99.9% complete and "oops, it's 5 o'clock, time to head home. Guess I will spend the last 20 minutes on that project on Monday...see ya". Do you think that happens at RLT? Never, we are all obsessed with our work and the services we provide and hopefully its obvious to our traders to those we work with.

#3 - Will you be working on something that really matters?

At the end of the day, it's incredibly fulfilling to work on things that REALLY MATTER to you. Overall, you want to be working with a team you want to work with, on a product they are obsessed with, doing something that really matters. The heart wrenching struggles, the tear-jerking stories we get (here at RLT) on a weekly basis is plenty of fuel to keep us going while we help people achieve financial freedom. As you know the mission of Real Life Trading is to ENRICH LIVES. That may not be your company mission, but doing something that really matters to you should be important!!

Keep these 3 things in mind as the US/World economy recover from Covid-19 and employers restart the hiring process. Just a few tips from your trading pal, Matt DeLong. Thanks, you rock!

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