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3 Simple Ways to Become Your Own Motivational Speaker

3 Simple Ways to Become Your Own Motivational Speaker

 Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Elizabeth Smart,You, Eric Harper.

One of the above names probably stands out. Maybe you don't know all of them, but in my loose definition I would say each of the above people are motivational speakers. What exactly do motivational speakers do? (Dumb question, blog guy, they motivate.) Yes, okay, they motivate the audience, but how? Through humor? Relatable stories? Interesting view points on life and thought provoking questions on your work ethic? 


Personally, I love motivational speakers. I love what they do. I remember being in 8th grade and I forget the guys name (you know the whole "don't do drugs" speech), but he did it with such a motivating and comical twist that the experience stands out to this day. He was good at what he did.How can we be our own motivational speakers? How do they know exactly what to do and say to pump us up? Very simple actually: they are not scared to do it.

As many of my articles are, this one came by request. Someone wanting to know how we can inspire ourselves, be our own cheerleader, take control of our inner motivational speaker so that we can accomplish the goals that seem impossible. "Self-spire" as I'm going to call it. If I were cornered in a dark alley at knifepoint I would admit that I am somewhat of a motivational speaker, at least, I've been given the title by some. Truly humbling honestly, but not unjustified. At a young age I said I was going to get my drivers license on the exact day I turned 16, which required me to get my permit on the exact day I turned 15. I told my parents I would move out and get my own place at the age of 18. They snarked at that one, as most parents do when their overeager teenager wants to leave the house. I told my friends and family I would go to college, graduate at age 21, and pay for the whole thing myself. These were not dreams, these were not goals. These were things I was going do to. And I did.If you want to be your own motivational speaker and self-spire, here are some simple steps that will allow you to simply do what you must do.

#1 Turn your should into a must.

I'm taking this one from Mr. Tony Robbins himself. Have you ever said to yourself, "You know, I should lose weight" or "You know, I should save up money for a new house", or "I should learn how to trade the stock market, generate more income and get myself out of debt". This word - should. Ugh, it just sounds bad. I do not even like typing it. "Should" is the mean and impotent step-brother of "try". And Yoda said "Do or do not, there is no try". 

Right now, think of one thing you have wanted to get done for a while. 

Come on now...really... that? Out of everything you have, you decide to choose that huge, gigantic task to complete? 

Something smaller, please. 

Great! So you have it?! Great! Is this a smaller, easier, obtainable, goal? Something like "Cleaning your car", for example? Lovely! Now, are you ready for this? Say to yourself "I must clean my car".

Say it one more time, but this time, emphasize the word "must", each letter and syllable, please. 

When your "should" becomes a "musts", it will absolutely help you get goals and tasks complete, folks. Step up!

#2 Get leverage on yourself.

What the heck does this mean? Is this some kind of workout, like "burpees" or something? I do not like burpees. Nope. 

Archimedes was claimed to have said "give me a big enough lever and I can move the earth." Leverage is a powerful tool friends. It allows movement and change with very little force. So, how does it work? Notice above when I said "I told my parents I would..." I had no idea, but at the time I was getting leverage on myself. I created a must and then I told someone about it. At the time, and still to this day, disappointing my parents equates to massive amounts of pain. Think of something so painful, you cringe when you think about it. 

Ladies, is shaving your head insanely painful, perhaps? Or inviting your husband's mom over for a one-on-one dinner? 

Fellas, what about no meat, beer, or sports of any kind for three months? Or, ditto to the mother-in-law thing? 

These are purely suggestions, but let me give you an idea. What if there was a girl who wanted to start a non-profit. She didn't know how she was going to do it, or what it was going to take, or how much money it would cost, but she made it a must, not a should. Then, she told all of her friends, family and co-workers and even created a Facebook event about it, stating that in one year if she didn't complete the creation of the non-profit she would shave her beautiful, flowing brown locks. 

That's pain and thus, leverage! Boom, simple.

#3 Proximity is power!


This adage goes back to a certain book. Bad associations spoil useful habits. You've likely heard this statement before. The message still rings true today. Often times, we are scared to be our own motivational speaker because of outside influences. Do you have 10 super upbeat, positive, supportive, loving, caring, empathetic, intelligent friends who are already at a level where you want to be? 

In a mentorship circle, or community, regardless of the profession, it's an incredible tool to exchange ideas, grow and learn. Stock traders, real estate agents, electrical engineers, or college professors; if you're striving for something find someone who has already made that journey. It becomes a magnet for excellence. I'm pretty terrible at basketball. But if Lebron James and I had 100 one-on-one matches to 21, he would win them all, yes. But by that 100th game I would be much improved over my first. 

Three simple things, folks.

These are the same three things all the motivational speakers, internet gurus and all the successful people you read or hear about speak of. They all have a support system outside and inside. Often times we are our own worst critics. So truly ask yourself, what do you want to create in your life? I challenge you to come up with three goals, one super simple (like cleaning your car), one medium-sized project (like getting a promotion) and a large task (like buying a new house and paying cash for it). 

No more "should". Get that weird word out of here. 

Three goals. 

Three musts. 

No turning back, no excuses.

Tell the world and get a support group, friends, peers or mentors who have already done the three things you want to do. Ask them how they did it. Then, simply do it with the tenacity of a wolverine! Either the animal or the guy from X-Men, either is truly fine with me. 

Thank you so much for reading this! It's inspiring to me, in and of itself, to know you took the time to do so. 

Until next time, remember, LOVE life, live life and trade it!  

Jerremy Alexander Newsome CEO - Co-founder of


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