• Jerremy Alexander Newsome

2019 Market Outlook hosted by Jerremy Alexander Newsome

How fun have the markets been recently?! Uhh, yes please! So much goodness to go around. Opportunities everywhere my friend. Let's just take advantage of ONE good one and have a profitable January. Then slowly and surely, 2019 will creep into the record books as one of the most profitable years ever? Who knows.

Hopefully this review helps. I cover a plethora of stocks. Most by request. You'll see analysis on AMZN, FB, AAPL, NKE, DIS, NVDA, AMD, NFLX, SQ, BUD, BP, T, BOTZ, BREW, BR.B, & much more. 

Enjoy! Thank you for being apart of Real Life Trading and I'm very excited to see what amazing things we accomplish together in 2019!

Remember, the OPEN HOUSE week starts January 28th!  

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