• Jerremy Alexander Newsome

195% Portfolio Growth 2015 Day Trades

2015 Day Trading Results

195% Portfolio Growth!!!

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In December, the day trading team finished up over 5% in just the first two weeks in December; the RLT team took two weeks off to be with family over the holiday but also because low volume during the holiday season can lead to high volatility.  We changed our strategy a bit and realized huge results.  we held out for higher reward risk ratio trades; plus, we were more aggressive with our targets which led to some of the biggest day trading wins of the whole year.

By trading as a team, the morning floor finished 2015 by growing 195% since we started tracking results in February.  This was a huge win for our first year!!!  In addition, credit spreads finished up over 400% of $ risked (not portfolio growth) and the swing trades finished up.  Swing trades finished up over 40% portfolio growth just since July 2015.

We can't wait to see what we can do in 2016 with a super strong team of traders and lessons learned in 2015.  The future is bright!!!

Trade on Hope; Not on Logic

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