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10 Reason I Eat the Same Breakfast Every Day

You read that correctly, for the last 8 years I have eaten the same breakfast nearly every single weekday. That breakfast is some variation of 3-4 eggs and ¼-1 cup of oatmeal. Why do I do it?

1. Its healthy

a. Eggs are one of the best sources of protein out there. They contain 6 g of protein per egg. Rolled Oats also contain about 6 g of protein per ½ cup.

2. It’s fast

a. To make ½ cup of old fashion oats and 4 scrambled eggs takes right at 6 minutes! Yes, I have timed it. Bonus fact: if you drink the eggs raw Rocky Balboa style it takes even less time!

3. It’s inexpensive

a. Oatmeal is one of the least expensive breakfast options out there. If you are used to buying sugary cereal every day, a switch to oatmeal will be great on your body and your bank account.

4. Gives me a routine

a. Having a routine each morning gets my day started off on the best foot possible. I am able to quickly and efficiently fuel my body for the day ahead and move on to more important things.

5. One less decision to make

a. By removing the options for breakfast each day, I cut out one decision every day. This may not seem like much but when trying to optimize every aspect of life, every little thing counts.

6. It tastes great and is easy to eat

a. I like eggs, and I like oatmeal. Would eating some sugary cereal in the morning be more fun sometimes? Sure, but I have made that not even an option so there is nothing better than eggs and oatmeal.

7. It makes grocery shopping so easy

a. There are only two things needed on the grocery list for breakfast. You guessed it…eggs and oatmeal.

8. Lots of variation

a. Hold on that’s the opposite of what this post is about, you may be saying to yourself. Yes and no. You name it and I have put it in my oatmeal. Yesterdays leftover brussels sprouts and hot sauce? Yes, delicious. The kinds of oatmeal you have are only limited by your imagination and don’t even get me started on how many different ways there are to eat eggs. I would have to go full Bubba Gump on you. Now having said that, I still eat scrambled eggs and oatmeal with a few dark chocolate chips and a couple drops of agave almost every morning.

9. It’s simple.

a. It really is as simple as that. I like simple.

10. Saves the fun for the weekends

a. When my time is not as limited on weekends, I can change up the routine. I will still have my eggs but might throw in waffles, bagels, hasbrowns or whatever else I might think of. Afterall, if you have people over for brunch and serve them scrambled eggs and oatmeal they might not come back, unless it’s me, always serve that to me.

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