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Trading is hard… we hear it all the time. 


“I just can’t do this anymore!”

“This isn’t for me”

“I just keep losing”


We argue… the technical aspects of trading are EASY. 

It’s the psychological ones that are hard!


FOMO (Fear of missing out)


Fear of losing money

Fear of failure

Fear of success

Chasing money

Comparing yourself to others


These are just a few of the common obstacles keeping traders from reaching their full potential. 


SO… if you are 


  • A struggling trader

  • A new trader needing to know where to start and what to expect

  • A seasoned trader just not knowing how to elevate to the next level


This is the place for you.

Have difficulty with a specific topic and want us to discuss it? Submit your question below or in our live broadcast. 


Our podcasts are limited to 30 minutes, so only questions relevant to the topic will be addressed during live sessions. 

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Game Show Announcement

We are searching for 2 contestants to join us in our spin off of Hollywood Squares Live on our Podcast Aug 5 2021.

How do you enter?
We are looking for the 2 people who give us the price closest to the closing price of SQ on July 29th 2021.  Submissions will be taken and considered no later than July 28th 2021.  1 submission per person please your first submission will be the one we keep.  Submissions can be submitted to or  Please provide your name, email, the best number to reach you and the closing price of SQ (for July 29th). The winner will be announced live on our July 29th 2021 podcast.


  1. You must be available on Aug 5 2021 from 3:30 pm EST to 5:00 pm EST.

  2. You must have a quality internet (preferably a hard line). This will be confirmed before the show and if your internet does not meet the necessary requirements we will move on to the next qualified winner.

  3. You must have a quality microphone (please use headphones as well so your speaker doesn't feedback into the microphone) as well as a quality camera.


Good luck everyone!

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