Accelerate your trading education
Join a small group of 6 other traders
during weekly mentoring sessions.

$399  1 time / for 8 weeks

Learn How to Trade
Is this for me?

If you answer NO to any of these CAN BENEFIT from mentoring groups.

  1. Do you treat trading like a business?

  2. Are you back trading every week?

  3. Do you log every trade?

  4. Do you have a written trading plan?

  5. Do you know your win/loss ratios?

  6. Are you focused on the trading process instead of the outcome (P/L)?

Common Questions


Is $399 a one time fee for the 8 week program? or is it a weekly fee? It’s a 1-time fee for all 8 about $50 per hour long session.

What is the group set up like, how many people per group, how long do the weekly groups last? 2-6 traders per group via Zoom Meeting (see screenshot) with microphone & webcam enabled.

Is the mentoring one-on-one or as a group? This is group mentoring, 2-6 traders (max) with 1 coach. If you are looking for one-on-one coaching, please go here.

How interactive is the mentorship towards helping me develop my trading skills and growing my account? It's very interactive. Zoom Meetings (see screenshot) are different then Zoom webinars and allow screen share/webcam/microphone to interact with the group.

How is this different from the live trade rooms? This is a very different format (see screenshot above) where you bring some of your trades to the meeting and moderators will personally review your trading plans & a few trades. You will need a microphone and ideally a webcam to interact with the group.

Can I interact via email or message to the moderator for questions if in fact I did miss out on a meeting? Yes, our moderators are here to help, just reach out to them on Slack.-- which now includes 8 weeks of access to RLT slack.

If I miss a session do I lose it or can I reschedule? It's too complicated to track attendance each week and keep up with credits. If you cannot attend for any reason, you don’t miss anything, all sessions are recorded and emailed after the session ends. Also, if you don’t like your group or the timing no longer works, that’s ok, just email support and we can switch you.

Does the mentoring group include access to RLT Slack? Yes, starting September 2020, Slack is included for the duration of the mentoring group.

If I already have a strategy, can I bring it to get feedback? Yes, that's correct. Of course, depending on the strategy and the mentor's experience with your strategy, you can get feedback.

Accelerate your trading education w/ 2-6 other traders
1-1.5 hours a week, for 8 weeks ($399)
  • Trading Plan Development

  • Backtrading

  • 10 EMA Strategy

  • Intro to Options

  • Building Self Discipline

  • Candle Analysis and Sentiment


5:30pm EST

 July 5 - Aug 23


4 slots remaining

  • Beginner/Futures

  • Cash Open Setups

  • Globex Positioning


8pm EST

6 slots remaining

 July 6 - Aug 24


8 weeks

includes Slack/community access

*starts July, 2022*

*New Groups Starting In July*

*Includes access to RLT Slack/online community

New Master Mentor Groups
Master your trading with our Master Mentors
Dan Janson, Real Life Trading
  • Strategies to get passed audition stage

  • Start earning money from funded accounts 


8pm EST

Jul 12 - Aug 30

Funded Accounts


8 slots remaining



  • Math based Options

  • Put Sales, Credit Spreads

  • Short Term Swing Trading

  • Self Discipline

  • Portfolio Management


8pm EST

Jul 7 - Aug 25

Math Based Options


6 slots remaining

Dan Janson, Real Life Trading
  • Day and swing trading

  • Pattern recognition

  • Gaps and reversals

  • Elliot wave


8pm EST

Jul 11 - Aug 29

Beginner Traders


6 slots remaining

Study, learn and grow alongside 8 traders in this one of a kind offering. This will only be released a few times a year.
  • Day trading strategies

  • Swing trading strategies

  • Position trading with collars
  • Written trading plans
  • Success checklists
  • Overcoming FEAR
  • Indicators / templates
  • Mentor / Goal Focused
  • Ideal for traders with larger accounts.

Tue & Thu

7:30pm EST

2x / week for 4 weeks

includes Slack/community access

Jul 5 - Jul 28

Mentor / Goal Focused


4 slots remaining

Hector Group Studio Session-236-Edit.png
Hector Group Studio Session-183-Edit.png


  • Average: $40k profit / 4 months rehab, buying contract to resale.

  • Learn how to find and submit offers on potential rehab projects.

  • Learn in depth the process of estimating rehab estimates.

  • Access to worksheets / tools to quickly run numbers on potential projects.

  • Best way to manage contractors, minimize headaches

  • Review potentials deals / numbers, learn from their mistakes.

  • Best way to position property for max profit and quick sale.

  • Plus 1-day in-person house tour.

Image by Mitchell Luo
RLT Military Mentorship
w/Jonny Guarco - Team Leader, Coach & Mentor
A personalized, step-by-step approach for Beginner Traders
1 class per week for 8 weeks, 3 One-on-Ones & Help Building Personalized Trading Plan
For current or former military...and non-military who want to trade with military discipline/dedication/focus
Total Package Value = $2,495

Starts July 20, 2022

Class:  Wednesday's 7pm EST                  One-on Ones:  Individually Scheduled

Student Testimonials

After trying other services and being with RLT for near 3 years I can say its the most inclusive trading education I've had. Tons of free content too. The mentors do their best to help you improve and their is education for every type of trader. The community is great and very professional. All this being said, mastering a skill takes time so don't expect to be an excellent trader after 1 or 2 months, give it time. This is probably the best place to learn.


The Real Life Trading community is a family. But a family that challenges you and pushes you to improve your performance. I've only belonged to one other trading group before RLT (Jerremy Newsome's former employer). This team of traders is phenomenal and I look forward to growing with them in the future.


I'm in love with Real Life Trading! It has totally changed my life!.



Personal Mentoring

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 8.57.22 PM.png
Tony Pawlak, Real Life Trading
Jonny Guarco, Real Life Trading
Dan Janson, Real Life Trading
One-on-one mentoring with any moderators
One-on-one mentoring with
Jerremy Alexander Newsome
One-on-one mentoring with
Matt DeLong