7 winners, $20,000 worth of prizes

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Contest: May 1-9 2020 @ 12 midnight EST
Ask your US & Canadian friends and family to...

text RLT to 55444


text RLT to (312) 487-3550

  1. Between May 1-9 2020, share RLT with your US & Canadian friends and family by asking them to text one of the numbers above. Not from the US or Canada? No worries, you can still refer your US & Canadian friends and family.

  2. When they text RLT to the number above, we will automatically send them an RLT dashboard and either a beginner, intermediate or advanced trading course.

  3. The winners will be automatically calculated based on WHO referred the most friends and family.

  4. Check your standings LIVE below, each referral will be counted if your name is clear and it's a valid email address, simply answering "Joe" or using an email of "joe@blah.com" will be discarded  so make sure they answer your full name.

  5. To count as a referral, your friends and family should NOT currently be in our database and must provide a working email address.

  6. The winner of each week will compete for the ultimate prize, an all-inclusive 4-day, 4-night wealth/mindset conference in the Turks & Caicos, The Money Grows on Trees conference is October 24-28 2020. Prize includes resort access to ClubMed, room, food, drinks, conference ticket, shuttle to/from airport and up to a $1,000 flight voucher.

  7. **Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.**


1st Place: 6-month subscription to the LIVE Trading rooms bundle, 5 premium trading courses, Mindset/Wealth Conference trip w/ $1,000 flight voucher, Money Grows on Trees book, 2 RLT t-shirts,​ and RLT coffee mug.

Winner: Mason B., 312 referrals $9,500 value


2nd Place: 3-month subscription to the LIVE Trading rooms bundle, 5 premium trading coursesNashville Trading Retreat w/ hotel, Money Grows on Trees book, 2 RLT t-shirts,​ and RLT coffee mug$6,500 value   Winner: Jon A., 272 referrals

3rd Place: 5 premium trading coursesMoney Grows on Trees book, RLT t-shirt,​ and RLT coffee mug$3,300 value  Winner: Brian M., 127 referrals

4th Place: Nashville gift basket, $150 Amazon gift card, RLT coffee mug, 30 minute coaching call with Jerremy Newsome. $500 value  Winner: Dee S., 112 referrals

5th Place: $100 Amazon or Starbucks gift card, RLT coffee mug

Winner: Christoper L., 68 referrals

6th Place: $50 Amazon or Starbucks gift card. Winner: Matthew Y., 53 referrals

7th Place: $25 Amazon or Starbucks gift card. Winner: Bradley H., 27 referrals


Why would friend/family want to signup?

They don't have to, it's totally optional. When they text RLT to one of the numbers above, we are asking a series of questions.

How does the referral tracking work?

During the texting process, we ask "WHO referred you". Based on that response, we will collect that info and accumulate those names to know who referred the most people.

How are winners chosen?

Simple! It's based on WHO refers the most people during the contest. There are $20,000 worth of prizes we are giving away.

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How do you recommend I share this contest?

It depends on how much you want to win...haha. You can post any of these 3 images below to social media. HINT: Right click over each image and choose "Save Image As..."

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