RL Local Meetups

Host monthly trader meetups in your town.

What is a Community Leader?

  1. A Community Leader is responsible for organizing monthly local meetups in your town. The Meetups may start via Zoom meetings (due to COVID-19), but our goal is to build in-person local community groups.

  2. These meetups are social groups in which you can hang out, get to know other traders, talk shop, or even trade together. 

  3. Everyone is invited to these local meetups, not just RLT'ers, it is an open invitation for anyone interested in trading.

  4. Community Leaders are “super affiliates” and earn commissions for anyone who signs up for the morning day trade, afternoon swing trade rooms, premium courses, mentor groups or live events.

  5. Community Leaders are are NOT responsible for lesson plans. They are responsible for setting up the meetups, communicating with your group, organizing the meetups and participating in them.

​Leader Requirements

  • Must know, understand, and follow RLT's mission & principles:  Enrich Lives, R System, Execute your plan, Have fun.

  • Must wear the RL brand and represent the RL brand.

  • Must be willing to invite and welcome non-Real Life Traders into the group.  We want to grow our community while teaching others to trade in a structured system. 

  • Must be enthusiastic about RLT and life.

  • Responsible for hosting monthly meetups and find other traders on meetup.com

  • Monthly meetups will typically be hosted at local venues, restaurants or other locations.

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