>May 30,  10am EDT

Slack is a powerful communications platform that allows the RLT community to stay in touch with one another, while also being notified of official day and swing trades when you can't be in the Live Trading Room on Zoom.  What you may NOT be aware of is how Slack gives you some pretty powerful ways to control HOW and WHEN you want to be notified about messages and alerts!  Join Jason Smith, as he walks you through how to get the most out of Slack in Real Life.

  May 30, 10am EDT 
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(Ideal for traders of all skills)

What You Will Learn

  • General overview of how Slack works

  • How to setup keywords so you can be notified when certain trades are talked about or placed

  • How to control notifications on both your desktop and mobile device

  • How to really use Slackbot - our favorite but sometimes zanny trading resource buddy ;) - for your benefit to get INSTANT answers

  • Other really cool features you probably didn't know!

Hosted by: JASON SMITH

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Saturday, May 30, 10am EDT