Intermediate Trading Course

Level Up!! Stack your trading foundation

FREE Online Self-Study Course

What You Will Learn

  • Learn the basics of a stock trade

  • Learn why most traders are not profitable

  • Learn how to make a trading plan

  • Learn how to read a candlestick chart

  • 8 hours of powerful material to practice before trading money!



  • 10 hours of online classes

  • Downloadable PDF Workbook

  • 5 modules + quizzes

  • Final exam

  • Certificate of Completion

Course Outline

Module 1: A Deep Dive into Candlesticks

  1. Welcome to the course!
  2. Defining Terms: Sentiment, Price Action and Candlestick Love
  3. Individual Candlesticks
  4. Become a Master of The Hammer
  5. Diving into the Shooting Star candle
  6. What are Shaved Top and Shaved Bottom candles?
  7. Back Trading a Currency Pair
  8. The Power of The Marubozu
  9. Back Trading Long Day Candles on Tesla (TSLA)
  10. Some Special Secrets of Candlesticks
  11. Quiz: MODULE 1

Module 2: How to use Dow Theory to revolutionize your trading profits!

  1. Introduction to Module 2
  2. What is Public Participation and How do you use it to make money?
  3. Blast from the Past! Let's review some of Jerremy's biggest winners :-)
  4. Accumulation, Public Participation & Distribution
  5. What are THE BIG questions I want to answer for you?
  6. Hitting the charts!
  7. Diving into more Real Life examples & Final Thoughts
  8. Quiz: MODULE 2

Module 3: Chart patterns to make $$$

  1. Quick recap & Introduction to the Epic Module!
  2. What is The Mashed Potato Dance?
  3. Time to uncover a Super Powerful Chart Pattern!
  4. Time to uncover ANOTHER Powerful Chart Pattern!
  5. The Most Profitable Double Top I've ever played.
  6. What are the best Continuation Patterns to look for and trade?
  7. Avoid these NOOB mistakes!
  8. Quiz: MODULE 3

Module 4: Indicators and Time Frames

  1. Quick Recap & Introduction to Module 4
  2. 50% of the time it works, every time
  3. A Review of how Moving Averages look and work
  4. The Mystery Moving Average: The one Jerremy crushes the markets with!!
  5. How to use the Most Epic Moving Average in Real Life!
  6. Quiz: MODULE 4

Module 5: What are Gaps and Why are they important?

  1. Quick Recap and Introduction to Module 5
  2. Let's learn about GAPS!! *Gap Action!!*
  3. The 4 Types of Gaps
  4. When does a Trend reverse: WHY and HOW?
  5. Hear Jerremy's incredibly touching story and understand more of HIS WHY!
  6. Quiz: MODULE 5