LIVE > Hedging with Options

Jan 25-29, Feb 1-3 @ 6:30pm EST

8-class series

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone fascinated with options.

  • Traders with a 6 figure+ account.

  • Investors who want to protect long term portfolios.

  • Option enthusiasts.

  • Individuals who love actively trading the markets using an IRA.

  • People who are passionate about account growth, risk optimization and deliberate math based systems that accelerate performance.

Jan 25 - 28

What You Will Learn

  • How to implement math based strategies that will revolutionize your trading.

  • When to sell options.

  • What options to sell.

  • How to practice your option selling.

  • What is a dynamic collar.

  • Which stocks to focus on for the next 10 years.

  • How to properly insure your stocks with long puts and bear put spreads.

  • The systematic approach for outrageous portfolio comfort while simultaneously achieving optimized growth.

Jan 29 - Feb 3

Who Should Attend

  • Option traders wanting to go deeper with advanced techniques

  • Someone looking for a safe, long term investment plan featuring options, even in IRA’s!

  • Number nerds who like deep dives into options math and greeks

  • Traders looking for flexible ways to trade outside of stock direction, in almost any size account

  • Someone looking for time leverage, trading only 1-2 hours/week after mastering the core concepts.

What You Will Learn

  • A done-for-you investment strategy for retirement cash flow and wealth creation featuring math-based option trading including: A detailed fundamental screening process evaluating sentiment and financials of good companies, A simple and straight forward chart screen for trading opportunities, The entire nuts and bolts of what, when, and how to trade plus how to manage your trades

  • A toolbox full of options strategies and techniques that can be applied to any directional investment or trading strategy in most account sizes!

  • A deeper understanding of the latest math and research behind modern option trading, for intermediate and advanced traders.



Jan 25 @ 6:30pm EST

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