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Grow demo account 10% w/o breaking rules

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Funded Account

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$50k Account

Demo Account Target: 10%
Daily Max Loss: $2,000
Overall Drawdown: $2,500
Profit Split: 75/25
Eightcap's Metatrader 5 & WebTrader

One Time Audition Fee
$100k Account

Demo Account Target: 10%
Daily Max Loss: $4,000
Overall Drawdown: $5,000
Profit Split: 75/25
EightCap's Metatrader 5 & WebTrader

One Time Audition Fee
$200k Account

Demo Account Target: 10%
Daily Max Loss: $8,000
Overall Drawdown: $10,000
Profit Split: 75/25
Eightcap's Metatrader 5 & WebTrader

One Time Audition Fee

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What size account can I have?

We are currently offering 4 funded account sizes: $50k, $100k, $200k, ($500k for advanced traders) accounts.


What is the process to get funded LIVE?

Grow the demo account 10% while following the rules (listed below). Upon reaching that 10% profit target, you will receive a separate email from Deel with instructions on how to submit documentation to collect specific Know your Customer (KYC) info from you, as required by law, approximately 3 business days later, we send you information to login to your funded account. 


What is the process to withdraw gains?

When ready for a withdrawal, you will send an email to funding@reallifetrading.com to request the withdrawal. Once approved, the funds will be deposited to your Deel account, which you can withdraw from in a number of methods including wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Coinbase, Revolut, ACH and other popular methods.

What are the rules?

  1.  Achieve a 10% profit target

  2. Don't lose more than 4% in any given day

  3. Don't lose more than 5% of your initial balance from your high water mark

  4. Every Trade MUST have a stop loss

  5. Trades must be closed by Friday at 3:45pm EST

  6. Follow the Max Lot Size with Risk Rule for your account size.

  7. Must not breach the 30-day inactivity period.

What happens if I blow up my assessment or LIVE account by breaking a rule?

You would re-purchase an account and start again.​

When can I trade?

Monday - Thursday from 9:35am EST to 3:55pm EST and Friday from 9:35am to 3:45pm EST

For Crypto and Futures: Sunday 6pm EST to Friday 3:45pm EST.
All trades must be closed by Friday 3:45pm (Unless Trade Over the Weekend option has been added) 

If you wish to trade during the weekend, you can pay an additional fee of 10% of your account size.

How is the drawdown calculated? Is it dynamic based on the high watermark or static based on the beginning of the account?

It uses the previous days "End of day balance" @ 5pm EST compared to the current intraday/live balance.

What is the high water mark?

It's the highest balance (closed trades) that the account has ever reached. So for a $100k account, when it starts, the High Water Mark is indeed $100k. As the account grows in realized profit (balance), the High Water Mark will go up with it. The Max Drawdown is 5% of the Starting Balance, and trails the High Water Mark. But, we have a lock-in feature to help our profitable traders. Once you have made 5% in the account (so 105k balance in this example). The Max Drawdown Level locks in at the Starting Balance (100k in this example). This is true for both the evaluation and funded accounts. So, if on a funded account you start at $100k, and is profitable all the way to $200k, the Max Drawdown Level would still be locked in at $100k.

What instruments can be traded?

Stocks, forex, futures & crypto. Please see the full list of tradable assets here.

NOTE: You are trading CFD's on the these assets.
NQ = NDX100

ES = SPX500

What countries are allowed?

Although our broker partner Eightcap may not be available in your specific country, you will be permitted to trade with the broker through RLT Funded Accounts. We accept people from almost any country, with only certain exclusions: Iran, Iraq, and Ivory Coast.

Am I trading real money?

With backed funding from investors, we are given the ability to fund successful traders with live accounts and bask in your success. You are trading a live account when you are funded with RLT Funded Accounts.

How do I lose an account?

There are 3 ways to lose an account: Daily Stop Rule, the 5% Trailing Drawdown Rule, or after an inactivity period (not opening or closing a trade) of 30 days. Prior to May 16 2022, the inactivity period was 45 days.

How many accounts/challenges am I allowed?

You are permitted to take 1 EVALUATION at a time. With regard to the concept of 'limits' this is where we stand at present: $2 million max per person (can be made up of multiple assessments, provided none are same size at the same time) $2 million max per strategy/EA (can be made up of multiple assessments, provided none are same size at the same time). Note: This applies to "off-shelf" EA's (EA's purchased from the market and used by many) We are seeking to fund independent and unique strategies not 1 that is the exact same across the board.

There is NO limit to how many accounts you may have (as long as it's within the $2 million limit). There is NO limit for compounding. Up to $2 million of initial funding, then grow the account to any balance you desire - yes, even $10 million, $20 million, and so on.

I have a question not answered here...

Please email us at funding@reallifetrading.com

How does the leverage work?

Leverage: Forex, Metals, Oils and Indices receive up to 10:1 leverage.

Individual stocks receive 5:1 leverage.

Cryptocurrencies receive 2:1 leverage.

What is the LARGEST account size available?

The $1 and $2 million dollar plans are considered after a period of working together, but not out of the box. Right now, the largest package available is $500k. We will consider adding higher value plans towards the end of the summer.

What software/broker is used for this program?

Eightcap's MetaTrader 5 is officially supported as well as the web-trader user interface. Integration with TradingView is here effective May 11 2022.

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