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Hi, I'm Emily

I am a Full Time Trader and love the markets.
I love learning & teaching people to demystify the stock market. 

Do you ever wonder how the millionaires create their wealth?
They own real estate and invest in stocks. 


You too can create a life of wealth and abundance. 
We have free courses at Real Life Trading that will get you on your own road to financial freedom and abundance.

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I am also the Kids Mentor at Real Life Trading and have taught kids as young as 8 year old to trade.   If you have kids or know of kids whom you want to start on the path of financial freedom before they even get to college, send them to my Kids Mentorship & let me add value to their lives.

What's cool about my mentorship is that this is education that is not taught in school and you can let them learn while you work on other things for 1 - 1 1/2 hours or you can learn together as a family.  Siblings are encouraged to learn together.  

It's on Zoom, so the kids can interact and ask questions. We learn and have fun! 

What better gift to give the next generation than a skill they will have for the rest of their lives that will lead them to the path of their financial freedom. 

If they can learn, so can you!

Text: +1 (724) 252-7168

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