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Tony Pawlak is going to teach you the exact strategy used to quit his job and replace his full time income. It’s still the main strategy for paying bills each month. Tony will teach you every step -- in details -- in a written plan and will walk you through how to find a trade, set up the trade, and manage the trade.

Who Class is For

  • Anyone who is looking for consistent income from the markets.

  • Anyone looking to add some extra monthly income, or completely replace their full time salary
    Anyone that understands option basics (calls and put)

  • Anyone that has a basic understanding of how the markets work

  • Anyone with a "margin" trading account

  • Anyone with at least a level 3 options clearance from their broker. (if you don’t have that just request it from your broker)

  • Anyone with at least $5k in their trading account

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   Oct 4-8 @ 8pm EST  

What You Will Learn

  • What a credit spread is and how to trade them.

  • Tony will walk you through how to enter them in broker etc.

  • Tony's exact credit spread plan, which includes his monthly credit spread plan, his weekly credit spread plan, and how to hedge credit spreads when they move against you.

  • Tony's plan averages 180-400% ROI each year (download trade log here)
    why credit spreads are one of the best strategies to bring in consistent income.

  • BONUS: Indicator created for this strategy that everyone that purchases the master class will get as part of the class

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