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Coaching with MattD

Entrepreneur & former CEO of a SAAS company for 14 years, full time stock trader, real estate investor, and father of 2 amazing girls. Matt brings his 5 years of full-time trading experience, and 20+ years as an entrepreneur and investor to the table, as he teaches his 3 main swing trade strategies using a custom watchlist of 15 companies.

Day trading + swing trading + hybrid strategies

  1. Snapback

  2. Opening Range Breakout (ORB)

  3. Narrow Range 7 (NR7)

  4. 10 ema

  5. Momo

  6. Bot trading with MetaTrader5

1 session - $1,200

In this 90 minute session, you will learn about swing trading and how Matt spends only "3 hours a week" generating a full-time income or a quick strategy refresher.

Zoom screen share meeting w/ recordings.


3 sessions - $2,700

Learn about day trading, swing trading or hybrid strategies in this unique coaching style.

Zoom screen share meeting w/ recordings.


Compared to a year ago, today, I'm more educated in the stock world, I have better direction in life. Goals are set. Better sleeping habit, I get way more exercise than last year. Just overall a lot better and basically all from your help Matt. I can’t thank you enough. I seriously wouldn’t have been comfortable today with the options if it weren’t for your mentoring sessions :) Just made 7R on SQ calls, biggest day ever for me. :))). I’m so happy. Thanks again Matt!!


Trading this month is going great. I have strictly stuck to the momo strategy and only using your stocks you gave me in the mentoring sessions. The month started a little rough with #momo but now it is working beautifully. I sold a few of my positions to make up for the losses earlier in the month but I am currently still holding about 10.5R unrealized gains on the other swings I am in. My confidence in taking trades has definitely gone up. It has also freed up my time. I don’t have to stare at my P&L all the time. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity, guidance and support!


By the way.. The MOMO swing strategy is amazing! More profitable in the past few weeks that I've been using it than my combined profits all year. Thank you!


Dude I went from 255k to 305k in a matter of weeks trading your three strategies exclusively not breaking rules no emotions executing plan .. I am beyond excited to learn more. Thank you.


You are a gentleman and a scholar. It was a pleasure to be in this group and meet some more cool individuals from RLT.  Awesome takeaways for me and the way I want to trade and live my life.


 It really was a privilege to be taught by you and I have learnt heaps in the 8 weeks. I so looked forward to my Friday mornings.



You go above and beyond with conveying your message. You not only served tons of information to digest, you make sure with questioning, testing, and HOMEWORK that the information has been understood. So awesome! 


Thank you very much for your teaching skills and for caring about our trading.  I have learned so much and appreciate your teaching.


Thank you so much Matt! I really appreciate how in-depth you went, yet at the same same time made it super simple to understand. You have an incredible teaching ability, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.


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