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Hi, I'm Arabia Johnson

Let me show you how I generated the lifestyle of my dreams with trading the Futures market.

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Love Life, Live Life, Trade it!

Arabia Johnson

5 years ago I was working manual labor in a warehouse. I never took a vacation, I didn’t get sick time, and “family time” consisted of grunting pleasantries as I struggled to stay awake during dinner, my mind already on the next day.

Now I’m a full time Futures trader, trading coach/mentor with RLT and spend about 2 hours in the morning generating cashflow, then go on to live out the rest of my day as I see fit!

I enjoy my time out in nature, hiking with my dog, bumming it on the beach, dining with my bestie, traveling to exotic places and attending as many live music events as I possibly can.

For most of us, it’s not the luxury lifestyle we actually want, it’s the total time freedom that makes us feel truly wealthy. Let me show you how I generated the lifestyle of my dreams, and how I use the Futures market to generate the cashflow needed to turn those dreams into reality.

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Passions, Projects & Resources

Take look at the projects and things I'm passionate about and what might be useful to you.


Futures Trading Online Course [FREE]

Take a peak into my futures course on this page or click below to get the whole course for free.



One-on-One Coaching

Coaching sessions with me are perfect both for beginners wanting to get into futures as well as for advances traders looking to perfect their trading.


Beginner Stock Market Course

The self study is totally free. Real Life Trading has 100s of hours of content and courses. Dive right in!

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