Advanced Trading Course

Master your trading skills!!

FREE Online Self-Study Course

What You Will Learn

  • How and when to implement a bull put spread and bear call spread

  • Find out how and when to properly buy call options

  • Improve timing for selling options

  • Begin to learn which data and stats are imperative in the fundamentals of a company

  • Discover how amazing Elliot wave theory can be for your trading!

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  • 10 hours of online classes

  • Downloadable PDF Workbook

  • 5 modules + quizzes

  • Final exam

  • Certificate of Completion

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Advanced Trading Course LIVE - $35
Dec 6-10 @ 8:00pm EST

Course Outline

Module 1: How, When and Where to sell Naked Puts

  • Welcome to the course!
  • What are Stock Options and how do they work?
  • What is my 2nd Favorite Strategy in the stock market?
  • The Risks of Selling Puts
  • When to Sell Puts, Where to Sell Puts, and How much to receive
  • How to Calculate Margin Requirements on Put Sales
  • How to Protect the Downside on Put Sales? Introducing the Bull Put Spread!
  • Introducing the Bear Call Spread!
  • How to Create and Play Defense on your Credit Spreads!
  • Quiz: MODULE 1

Module 2: What is a Diagonal Spread?

  1. Introduction: What are Calendar Spreads / Diagonal Spreads / Poor Man's Covered Call
  2. Some Real Life Examples of Calendar and Diagonal Spreads
  3. How I personally trade Calendar and Diagonal Spreads
  4. A Real Life Deep Dive into a 1,500% ROI Calendar Spread!
  5. Another Real Life Trade on DIS that banked $10,000+
  6. How to play the Downside of Markets with a Calendar Spread
  7. Explaining the Risks of these Strategies so far
  8. Can you play Calendar Spreads on shorter term time frames?
  9. Quiz: MODULE 2

Module 3: Which Earnings Strategies to Play and How to Play Them?

  1. Introduction: Earnings and Options Strategies!
  2. A Deep Dive into Earnings Strategies
  3. Let's Review an Exact Strategy, Setup and Play we did in the Afternoon Room over Earnings :-)
  4. How to be an 'Owner' and not just a Consumer over Earnings!
  5. Quick Review of Earnings Strategies
  6. Let's go Review a Bunch of Real Life Examples of Charts and Gaps over Earnings! :-)
  7. Quiz: MODULE 3

Module 4: How to find the NEXT AAPL

  • Introduction: How to find the NEXT AAPL!!!
  • Which Fund would you invest in?
  • How to find Sectors & Industries that are about to Explode!
  • What are the next BIG trends that are likely to occur in the NEXT 3-5 years?
  • Which Stocks to consider buying and accumulating over time
  • Quiz: MODULE 4

Module 5: How to use Elliott Wave and Fibs

  • How to use Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Analysis
  • RECAP of Advanced Series: Modules 1 - 4
  • Elliott Wave Theory
  • How Elliott Wave can work intraday
  • How Elliott Wave can work on weekly charts
  • Introduction to Fibonacci sequences
  • A Wrap-up Story: How to get what you want! :)
  • Quiz: MODULE 5